The Pure Water Brewing Alliance Beer Garden returns for WEFTEC 2019.

The purpose of the Pure Water Brewing Alliance Beer Garden is to bring awareness to the potential for potable reuse water — not just as beer, but for the multitude of other purposes it can serve. The garden also will feature the Clean Water Services Pure Water Wagon, a mobile treatment platform that converts wastewater into “cleaner-than-tap” water.

Much of the beer served will be made with recycled water. (The sustainable beer will be supplemented with other beers from the convention center.) Sustainable beers will be brewed by

  • Unreconciled Brewing Chicago,
  • Clean Water Services Pure Water Brew,
  • CDM Smith
  • the Kentucky/Tennessee Water Environment Association, and
  • WEF’s own Patrick Dube.

In August, Dube used social media to ask you what to name his “easy-drinking, approachable” blonde ale. You provided more than 100 suggestions to help him choose “To Infinity and Blonde.”

The beers will be available for tasting on Monday and Tuesday from 12 to 4 p.m. and Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Beer Garden will be located at Booth 7751 in North Hall B.

Pure Water Brewing Alliance and the World's Most Sustainable Beer

Before the beer garden starts pouring beer, learn about the history of Pure Water Brew and how it’s turned beer into a conversation.

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