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This page offers guidance and tools for crafting effective WEFTEC presentations. For all official submissions and detailed deadlines, please refer to the Speak Portal

We are excited to see you at WEFTEC. Thank you for choosing to participate in the technical program.

Speaker Portal

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Speaker Training Videos

These short videos show authors, speakers, moderators, and others what to expect leading up to and onsite at WEFTEC.

2024 Speaker Portal Orientation

This video provides speakers with an orientation and directions on how to use the WEFTEC speaker portal to submit technical papers, designate authors and co-authors, and provide biographical information and photos. 

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Portal Orientation

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2024 Author and Speaker Info

This information session provides information on designating primary authors, technical paper guidance, paper uploading, editing co-authors, the required license agreement, and more.

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2024 Workshop Information Session

This session is designed for chairs, vice chairs, speakers, and facilitators for WEFTEC workshops. It includes information on roles and responsibilities, workbook preparation, use of the speaker portal, and more.

Watch the 2024 Workshop
Information Session

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Leading Interactive Discussions

This training session from 2023 gives viewers advice and tips on how to facilitate an interactive discussion at WEFTEC effectively, clearly, and equitably.

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Moderator & Facilitator Information

This information session from 2023 is for moderators and facilitators. The presentation explains each role and how to best lead sessions.

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Facilitator Session

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Pre-WEFTEC Briefing

This information session from WEFTEC 2023 was mandatory for all speakers, moderators, and facilitators. It lays out the roles and responsibilities for all before, during, and after WEFTEC. It also includes tips on session etiquette, presentation reminders, and other helpful information.

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Code of Conduct

WEF is committed to providing a professional, safe, and welcoming environment during its in-person and virtual events for all water professionals and their guests. WEF expects all attendees, exhibitors, speakers, sponsors, media, and other participants to uphold our commitment to diversity and inclusion by helping us provide a positive conference environment for everyone.

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