Exhibit Hall Reception

All WEFTEC registrants are invited to attend the new Exhibit Hall Reception on Tuesday, October 19, from 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm. Food stations and bars will be located around the exhibit halls along with a variety of meet-up locations for those who wish to engage with others around specific topics or communities such as Collection Systems, Biosolids Resource Recovery, Utility Management, LGBTQIA+, Students & Young Professionals, Operators, Public Health, etc. Attendees can engage in peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge and support, mentoring, discussion and networking.

Partner | Member: $11,000 | Non-member: $15,000  

  • Signage at sponsor's designated Garrett's Popcorn Station.
  • 75 drink tickets to distribute to clients.
  • Sponsor logo on popcorn bags.
  • Limited to five (5) sponsors.

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Operations Challenge and Awards Reception

How do operators and technicians overcome flooding, a sewer collapse, process failure and other emergencies? Do you ever wonder what transpires behind the scenes during the operation of a wastewater treatment facility? During Operations Challenge, the best wastewater collection and treatment personnel in the world display their skills across five events: Collection Systems, Laboratory, Process Control, Maintenance, and Safety.

PARTNER | Member: $13,000 | Non-member: $16,250

  • Partner benefits
  • Limited to four (4) sponsors
  • Logo placement
    • Operations Challenge Event Banner, event and reception sign
    • A/V slides during reception opening, weighted to display longer
  • Sponsor-provided pop-up banner may be placed in the Operations Challenge contest area
  • Four (4) representatives can attend the Operations Challenge Awards Reception

SUPPORTER | Member: $7,700 | Non-member: $9,650

  • Supporter benefits
  • Logo placement
    • Operations Challenge event and reception sign
    • A/V slides during reception opening
  • Two (2) representatives can attend the Operations Challenge Awards Reception



WEFTEC Live Broadcasting Studio

Interviews, news desk highlight videos, and sponsored segments will be recorded in-person in the WEFTEC Live Broadcasting Studio in Hall B/North Hall, happening live on the exhibit floor and broadcasing on WEFTEC.org to viewers around the globe!

CONFERENCE-WIDE Member: $30,600 | Non-Member: $40,000

  • Corporate logo recognition on the Studio Plexi Walls (clings).
  • Branding on the Graphic Wall on the back exterior wall of the Studio structure.
  • Logo recognition on two monitors in viewing area.
  • Sponsored content segment.

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