State Credit Approval Information

Each state maintains its own policies and procedures related to CE credits for licensed professionals. This section contains state specific approval information for WEFTEC participation.

See Your State's Approval Requirements

WEF has applied for approval for WEFTEC nationally. We have obtained approval in a number of states and will continue to receive approvals from state boards. The listing below gives state specific details related to CE credits for each state’s Operator Licensing Board.

Alabama | Alaska | Arkansas | California WEA | Connecticut | Florida DBPR | Florida WEA | Indiana | Kentucky | Louisiana | Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota | Nebraska | Nevada | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New Mexico | New York NYSDEC | New York NYSED | North Carolina | North Dakota | Ohio  | Oregon | Pennsylvania | South Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee | Texas | Virginia | Washington  | West Virginia | Wyoming

Please check back as we will be updating these specific state approval details throughout the year.

WEF will collaborate with individuals and Member Associations on additional agency approvals upon request.

Tracking Participation

WEFTEC participation is tracked using badges provided during registration or onsite pickup. Be sure to scan your badge for credits when entering and exiting each session or workshop to obtain credits toward P.E. and Professional Operator licenses. Participants will be able to access credits quickly and efficiently starting on the first full day of the in-person workshops/sessions.

At WEFTEC 2023 Attendees can earn up to:

  • 18 Hours for Technical Session – 18.0 PDHs
  • 12 Hours for Workshops – 1.2 CEUs
  • Up to 8 Hours Daily for Exhibit Hall related time – 22 GCHs (General Contact Hours)

*For exhibition related credits, attendees are required to scan badges at the CE Kiosks located near hall entrances.

WEF uses a system of credit assignments that is widely accepted by state engineering and operator licensing boards. State CE requirements may vary. Many licensing boards will accept CEUs for sessions under 3 hours in length. Others use different acronyms in place of the CEU. In most instances the credits issued by WEF can be converted to meet state specific requirements that differ from the system used by WEF. This is typically managed at the state level using the following conversion method:

  • 1.0 CEU = 10 Hours of session time
  • 1.0 PDH = 1 Hour of session time
  • 1.0 GCH = 1 Hour of contact time

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