Problems caused by wastewater grit are one of the biggest preventable operating expenses that wastewater treatment plants face. Hydro International offers the best performing grit removal systems in the industry with performance proven in the field and with independently verified results.

Created in the Lab & Rigorously Tested in the Field

At Hydro International we are dedicated to the science of grit removal. We continuously study, evaluate, and model flows through our equipment in our two full-scale hydraulics laboratories to optimize performance. But we don’t stop there. Our goal is not to establish theoretical performance, our goal is to solve real world grit problems.

The true measure of a grit removal system is how well it works at your plant, on your flows, and under your specific operating conditions. Installed Hydro International systems are frequently field tested and evaluated by independent third parties to ensure that our equipment meets specification and your expectations. Hydro International offers the only grit removal technology that has been independently verified to achieve 95% capture of all grit 75 micron and larger.

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Three Stages of Grit Removal
There are three distinct steps in grit removal.

  1. Separation – capturing and concentrating grit from screened plant influent
  2. Washing – removing the organic materials from the captured grit
  3. Dewatering – removing water to allow cost effective disposal

Hydro International offers complete grit removal systems that address each of these steps and work together as a complete system with single supplier accountability.

Our Advanced Grit Separation Systems
Hydro International’s Grit Separation technologies form the foundation of an Advanced Grit Management® system. Our separation systems outperform every technology on the market in a small footprint with no mechanical components in the basin.


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The HeadCell® Advanced Grit Separation System provides the best performance in the smallest footprint of any grit separation system. The unique stacked tray design gives a massive amount of surface area without requiring much of your valuable plant space.  HeadCell® systems can capture 95% of all grit 75 micron and larger. Learn More 

Grit King®

GK in situ.jpg

The Grit King® advanced hydrodynamic separator uses structured flows to augment gravitational forces to ensure highly effective grit separation. A single unit can accommodate flows as low as 0.25 Mgal/d and multiple units can handle virtually any flow. The Grit King® can capture 95% of all grit 75 micron and larger. Learn More 


Our Grit Washing Solutions

  • SlurryCup - free vortex grit washing and sludge degritting
  • TeaCup® - advanced grit washing and snail shell removal

Our Combined Washing & Dewatering Solutions

Our Grit Dewatering Solutions

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