Each year WEFTEC attracts the leading experts from throughout the water sector on every topic imaginable. And that includes you. Others want to hear your insights and understand things from your perspective.

New-2021.jpgLearning Exchanges provide the opportunity to meet and interact with your peers. Share your experiences, gain knowledge, and hear perspectives on topics important to you, your career, and the water sector.

Instead of listening to a speaker lecture from behind a podium, you will be placed in roundtables of no more than six people. (There will be multiple roundtables for each topic.) Facilitators will be on hand to help get the conversation started and keep things moving.

The 14 different Learning Exchanges vary among technical topics – “Cybersecurity” and “Distributed Infrastructure” – and groups of water professionals – “Public Officials” and Rainbow Advocates.

Learning Exchanges

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“Everyone who comes to WEFTEC brings their own skills, abilities, and understanding of how the water sector works. Each of us learns so much from one another,” said Mary Ann Linder, Senior Manager of WEFTEC Education. “With these new Learning Exchanges, we want to prove that podiums and on-screen presentations are not the only way that we can exchange information.”

“We have never tried anything quite like this before,” she said. “But we know that the WEFTEC crowd is full of great people who enjoy both learning and sharing.”

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Learning Exchanges are included as part of everyone’s registration. But, to secure a seat at one of the roundtables, you must sign up through the Registration process.

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