Sponsored WEFTEC Product Launch presentations and Q&A sessions bring a new level of detail and technical specifications to exhibition programming.

Join us at the Technology Spotlight Theater (Booth 6139 – North Hall B)
Monday, October 2 | 3:15 - 4:00 p.m.

James Davie, Product Application Manager at Hach® will be presenting “Unlocking Efficiency: Harnessing the Power of Sustainable Resource Optimization with Hach’s RTC Software.”

James will discuss how you can optimize your process by leveraging the power of Hach’s RTC software, now hosted on the SC4500 controller. This simple and environmentally friendly solution can help you take advantage of potential energy, chemical, and labor savings.

Technologies are advancing rapidly, providing new levels of convenience, accuracy, and efficiency. Which is exactly why the SC4500 Controller from Hach® is designed to integrate easily into your current system while allowing you to upgrade as your capabilities advance, without having to replace inventory. With a wide range of analog and digital connectivity options and the availability of intelligent instrument and data management features, the SC4500 unlocks the future, today.

Optimize Your Process

  • Reduce energy, chemical, and labor costs.
  • Single integrated platform – combines instruments, software, and service.
  • Simple installation.
  • Available immediately.

Optimize your process like never before with RTC on the SC4500 Controller.

RTC on the SC4500 – P Module

  • Maintain compliance based on stable phosphate discharge values.
  • Save money on treatment.
  • Quick and simple installation.
  • Built-in predictive diagnostics ensure total confidence in set points.

RTC on the SC4500 – N/DN

  • Optimize nitrogen elimination.
  • Maintain compliance based on stable nitrogen discharge values.
  • Designed specifically for intermittent aerated plants.
  • Predictive diagnostics allow you to be proactive in your maintenance
  • Treat only when needed and save energy costs.

Watch an overview of RTC on the SC4500 controller.

See the RTC on SC4500 Controller in Action

Watch how to Install and Upgrade Your System

See how the phosphorus module works

Optimize nitrogen elimination

Hach’s mission is to ensure water quality for people all over the world. Our reliable, accurate instrumentation and chemistries help make water analysis better, faster, and greener for our customers. Visit Hach in Booth No. 1014.

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