The Exhibitor Call of Abstracts to present at WEFTEC 2019 will open later this week. This opportunity to provide technical information to the WEFTEC audience will be available only to current exhibitors.

Exhibitors can choose from several different presentation formats. These include

  • Mobile Sessions,
  • Stormwater Pavilion Sessions,
  • Technical Sessions, and
  • an Innovative Technology Forum.

Mobile Sessions
Mobile Sessions consistently rate high in attendee satisfaction. These sessions, which are focused around specific topics, enable WEF to bring attendees to selected exhibition booths to hear and see technical, educational presentations by exhibitor experts.

Stormwater Pavilion Sessions
The Stormwater Pavilion Case Study sessions will be in the Stormwater Pavilion Theater and is open to all stormwater exhibitors.

Manufacturers’ Innovative Technology Forum 
Now in its thrid year, this popular forum offers attendees very technical information on technology, products, or systems that are new to the wastewater market or “not quite ready for prime time.” The forum will feature only equipment manufacturers as speakers, introducing the newest technology they have to offer. The manufacturer cannot have more than 5 full scale installations of the technology being presented.

Deadline for submissions is April 18, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern

New for 2019 — Technical Sessions
The WEFTEC Program Committee is seeking exhibitor participation in very specific sessions on targeted topics. This year's topics are

  • Water Challenges in the Electric Power Industry and
  • Stormwater

The full descriptions of these sessions can be found in the Call for Abstracts materials. This session is open to any exhibitor who can address the subject matter, but only suitable submissions will be considered.

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