With more than 500 presentations on WEFTEC Connect, BlueTech Research does the hard work for you! Review their deep analysis of the abstracts submitted for 2020 and learn about some of the trends over the past 5 years.

BlueTech Research, once again, has has selected its Top Picks from among all WEFTEC abstracts. Each year in advance of WEFTEC, Blue Tech reviews and assesses around 500 abstracts of submitted papers. BlueTech chooses the ones that are the most impactful, cover areas that Blue Tech believes are emerging opportunities, and analyzes which key words are rising and falling in frequency compared with the previous year.

From a field of 427 abstracts for 2020, Blue Tech has chosen the top 100 that represent the most impactful emerging trends and which align to the key themes that the company tracks on behalf of its clients.

This year’s abstracts are compared to the last five conferences, from 2016 to 2020, and look at a wider selection of search terms. The results underline trends BlueTech has been talking about for a while, such as the increase in papers mentioning artificial intelligence. This analysis also shows more emerging trends, such as greater use of earth observation science. BlueTech predicts the use of satellite data will grow in importance and, indeed, it is already employed for a wide range of applications from leak detection to contaminant monitoring and watershed management.

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For the last 9 years, WEF has partnered with BlueTech Research and Imagine H2O to shine the spotlight on water sector innovations.

BlueTech Research is a global provider of water technology market intelligence, founded in 2011. They deliver water technology market intelligence to hundreds of global leaders within the water sector through an online intelligence platform, insight services, and custom research.

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