For the past nine years, both the Innovation and Stormwater Pavilions have been the go-to destinations for the most current and prominent water sector information. The pavilions are now seeking presenters for WEFTEC 2020.

Stormwater Pavilion

Innovation in stormwater management never stops. From small towns to big cities worldwide, stormwater professionals like you continue to make groundbreaking advances. To reap the full rewards from new stormwater management products, practices, and public outreach approaches, share your wins with other stormwater professionals.

The Stormwater Pavilion at WEFTEC 2020 will offer stormwater-sector innovators this chance from Oct. 3 to 7. Submit abstracts that detail your experiences with underutilized approaches to stormwater management for an invitation to participate in a Stormwater Pavilion presentation.

The WEFTEC Program Committee is seeking abstract submissions for 15- or 30-minute presentations under three distinct themes:

  • Stormwater Technology or Program Innovation
  • Stormwater Best Practices
  • Stormwater Workforce


Innovation Pavilion

True to its name, the Innovation Pavilion highlights the newest water sector trends, opportunities, technologies, and implementations. In 2020, the pavilion will hold 30-minute sessions focused on this year’s themes

  • Energizing the Innovation Environment
  • Innovation in Action
  • Innovations Around the World

Submit Today

Both the Stormwater and Innovation Pavilions follow the same submission guidelines for abstracts. All abstract should:

  • be a maximum of one page;
  • use a session format more engaging than just PowerPoint, such as panels, debates, and multimedia;
  • be fresh (please do not resubmit old abstracts); and
  • avoid focus on selling a specific product or service.


Submit Now

Deadline to submit abstracts: April 22 at 9 a.m. Eastern time

If you have questions, contact the WEFTEC Program Committee at [email protected].

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