Bri Nakamura and Autumn McNeill discuss WEF's Introducing Future Leaders to Opportunities in Water (InFLOW) progam. Nakamura is the Senior Manager of the WEF Water Science and Engineering Center and McNeill is a senior at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Nakamura explains the origins of the program, which held its second anniversary at WEFTEC. In 2018, 16 students participated in the program. By 2019, the program had grown to 41 students and two different tracks. The STEMpath track serves traditional college students and the CAREERtech track serves operations and maintenance aspects, such as green jobs. The 2019 CAREERtech participants came from Greencorps Chicago.

Interviewed by WEF's Travis Loop, the pair discuss what's involved in the InFLOW program for participants and how it has translated to real-world results.

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