You cast hundreds of votes over two rounds to choose 374 Water (Durham, North Carolina) as the WEFTEC Connect Innovation Showcase company and technology to receive a complimentary kiosk at the WEFTEC 2021 Innovation Pavilion.

The company's technology is a supercritical water oxidation (SCWO)-based process, in which organic wet waste (12% to 16% solids) undergoes treatment at less than 374°C and less than 220 bar. At these conditions, organic compounds will be oxidised to carbon dioxide, water, residual solids (minerals), and surplus energy.

Congratulations to 374 Water, Inc!

About the Innovation Showcase

Over the past 8 years, the WEFTEC Innovation Showcase has featured a wide range of technologies with a total of 154 companies represented. Today, more than 90% are still in business.

The success and competitiveness of the Innovation Showcase companies not only reflects the quality of the companies featured, but also highlights the technological direction that the water sector is heading toward. While innovation was once an intimidating obstacle in the ever-conservative water sector, companies are now looking at ways to foster innovation both within their own operations as well as the technologies they implement.

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