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Enter the world new and seasoned operators and industrial experts transform ambitious plans into tangible outcomes

Operations, Industrial & Workforce Development

Get hands-on in a world where the workforce is more than just technical experts and operators and technicians achieve strategic efficiency. This area of interest celebrates your skills and talents as you bridge the gap between innovative designs and real-world applications.

Emphasizing technical expertise and common goals, see how seasoned professionals manage to integrate aged equipment with modern technologies, maintain cost-efficiency, and adhere to stringent regulations—all aimed at achieving operational excellence in municipal or industrial settings. From refining petroleum to implementing cutting-edge water reuse technologies, this area highlights the people with the know-how to turn challenges into achievements.

Operations Challenge

Operations Challenge is the water sector's best professional development program wrapped up in a competition.

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  • Laboratory
  • Collection Systems
  • Safety
  • Vaughan Maintenance

These events simulate real-world challenges faced in the operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities.

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