Take advantage of free marketing tools offered to exhibitors, including free expo only invitations, the official registration list, and the limited New Product List in WE&T.

Exhibitor Dashboards & Free Invites

WEF partnered with Feathr for WEFTEC Connect to help exhibitors to promote their participation, creating complimentary marketing tools that gave exhibitors a custom promo code to provide to customers and clients. This promo code was good for a free Exhibitor Showcase registration.

More than half of WEFTEC Connect exhibitors shared invitation collateral from their Feathr dashboards to invite guests to the Exhibitor Showcase, resulting in 716 Exhibitor Showcase registrations.

  • Exhibitors Who Shared Feathr Invite Collateral including  social media posts and emails showed an average of 6% increase in unique visitors to their exhibitor showcases.

  • Exhibitors Who Generated Registrations using a Feathr invite code showed an average of 18% increase in unique visitors to their exhibitor showcases.

Free New Product Listings in Water Environment & Technology

New products section listings due July 11, 2021

It's not too early to begin planning your WEFTEC 2021 pre-show marketing strategy!

Water Environment & Technology (WE&T) is the premier magazine for the water quality field. It is published monthly to more than 40,000 subscribers.

The WEFTEC issue features a New Products Section limited to 60 participants.

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Download the Official WEFTEC Connect Registration List Now!

The official WEFTEC Connect registration list is provided at no cost to contracted exhibitors as a booth benefit and may be downloaded as often as exhibitors wish.

Contact Us to Download the List

Contact [email protected] for the link to access the WEFTEC Connect registration list.

Beware of Lists for Sale

The official registration list is exclusively offered and available for exhibitors only from Experient or WEF. Lists obtained from outside parties are not legitimate and WEF does not authorize, offer, or sell registration list information to any outside organization for its use in marketing or solicitation.

Example of an Email Solicitation: Forwarded by an exhibitor, this is a classic example of a fraudulent list for sale. A few obvious items in the email to look out for have been highlighted.

Event Technologies Investigates: Does it seem like there have been so many more list solicitations than before? Event Technologies, a third party vendor, noticed this and decided to investigate. What they found was illuminating!