Take advantage of marketing and exhibit engagement tools offered to exhibitors - many at no additional cost.

Free tools include the Feathr Invites program, the Official Registration List, opportunity to apply for the Innovative Technology Awards, and the New Product Listing in WE&T.

Exhibitors have the opportunity to submit abstracts for consideration to be part of the technical program at WEFTEC, or can contribute by being part of the MARC Committee.

New Product Listing in WE&T

New Product Listing in WE&T

Deadline: June 1, 2023

Water Environment & Technology (WE&T) is the premier monthly magazine for the water quality field with more than 40,000 subscribers.

This opportunity is at no cost to exhibitors but is limited to the first 60 submissions.

Submit New Product Listing

Client Invites and Custom Graphics (Feathr)

Client Invites and Custom Graphics (Feathr)
Launching Summer 2023

WEF has partnered with Feathr to offer fully paid exhibitors complimentary expo only client invites and marketing tools such as custom graphics to promote their presence at WEFTEC.

For more information log in to your Exhibitor Dashboard.

Official WEFTEC Registration List

Official WEFTEC Registration List
Available Spring 2023

The official WEFTEC 2023 registration list is provided to contracted, and fully paid exhibitors, and may be downloaded at any time from the Exhibitor Dashboard. The list includes professional registrants only (no exhibitors) and does NOT include email addresses.


The official registration list is exclusively offered and available for exhibitors only from Maritz  (WEF’s official registration vendor) or WEF. Lists obtained from outside parties are not legitimate and WEF does not authorize, offer, or sell registration list information to any outside organization for its use in marketing or solicitation.

Example of an Email Solicitation: Forwarded by an exhibitor, this is a classic example of a fraudulent list for sale. A few obvious items in the email to look out for have been highlighted.


Manufacturers & Representatives Committee (MARC)

Manufacturers & Representatives Committee (MARC)

The MARC committee serves as the communication link for the manufacturers and representatives to WEF staff, WEF Board members, and other WEF committees.

The committee is charged with providing input to the WEF staff on the WEFTEC Conference and other conferences on how the conference programs are working for manufacturing members and how they can be improved to continue to meet the needs of these members. Also, the committee shall communicate to WEF staff or other committee issues relating to manufacturers that are impacting members such as regulatory or legislative items.

To apply to this committee, please send an email to committees@wef.org including the following information:

WEF ID Number
Committee of Interest (MARC)
A short explanation of why you would like to join this committee (1 – 2 sentences).


Patrick Foley 2021 - 2024
(410) 353-5406

Alex Tabb, 2021-2024
(913) 484-5652

Staff Manager
Ray Bianchi, Managing Director, Business Development, Corporate Sales & Industry Relations
(708) 620-9738

Staff Liaison
LaTisha Henderson, Director, Customer Success
(703) 684-2406

Innovative Technology Awards

Innovation Technology Awards
Submit your Innovative Technology - Opens Spring 2023

This award recognizes up to four (4) companies that have introduced new innovative products or services related to the water industry.

Requirements to for this reward:

  • Must be a WEF member.
  • The technology must be installed for more than a year.
  • The technology cannot be in use for more than 5 years.
  • Must relate to the water industry.

Winners will be announced prior to WEFTEC but is presented at WEFTEC during the WEFTEC Awards celebration.

Learn More and Apply

Submit an Abstract

Submit an Abstract
Opening Spring 2023 

  • Pavilions
    • Innovation Pavilion
    • SDG6 Theater
    • Global Center
  • Technology Spotlights

More Information

Opportunities for 2024

Opportunities for 2024

Program Committee
The WEFTEC Program Committee strives to build a well-rounded technical program encompassing the scope of WEF's vision and mission.

Open Spring 2023:
Workshop Proposals
Technical Presentations

Open Fall 2023:
Technology Spotlight