Exhibitor Sustainability Pledge

Sustainability Pledge
Join us in making a lasting impact at this year’s conference by taking our Sustainability Pledge. Together, we can make WEFTEC not just an event, but a milestone in the journey towards a healthier planet. Your small steps lead to big changes. Let's make sustainability the norm, starting now!

We encourage all exhibitors at WEFTEC 2024 to take the Exhibitor Sustainability Pledge and showcase what their company is doing for people and planet. Exhibitors who take the pledge will be recognized online and in the mobile app.

In addition to taking the pledge Exhibitors are encouraged to print less and provide information digitally, recycle cardboard, visqueen, and other materials in the appropriate bins, and set a goal to leave no trace behind by shipping out all booth properties, packing materials and donating extra giveaways. Reference WEFTEC’s Sustainable Exhibitor Best Practices for a more information on sustainability.

Take Exhibitor Sustainability Pledge