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Historically, drinking water and wastewater service utilities have been left out of discussions about public health even though these utilities provide the most important foundations of ensuring public health. At their most basic, they deliver clean drinking water, remove wastewater, and recover resources. But today’s water systems and the creative people who operate them go far beyond basic. With advancing technology, innovative thinking, and new projects, the water sector is poised to use new tools and tests to become a new source of information to benefit public health.

In this discussion, our featured guests will discuss how the field of wastewater surveillance has expanded recently and what that means for water systems and public health.

Featured Guests

  • Dr. Andrew Sanderson, Chief Medical Officer at WEF, Adjunct Associate Professor at Howard University Graduate School, and Attending Physician at Weatherby Healthcare
  • Shellie Chard, Water Quality Division Director for the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

This presentation will be livestreamed from Chicago via WEFTEC Live.