WEFTEC Learning Exchanges

WEFTEC Learning Exchanges

NEW this year! Learning Exchanges provide the opportunity to meet and interact with your peers. Share your experiences, gain knowledge, and hear perspectives on topics important to you, your career and the water sector.

Learning Exchange Topics:

  • Utility Leadership Forum: Evolving Your Leadership Toolkit for the New Normal
  • Public Officials
  • Distributed Infrastructure: It Isn't Just for Small Communities
  • Water Workforce: Rainbow Advocates
  • The Next Big Thing in Water (PFAS, Microplastics, COVID Testing in Water, etc.)
  • Public Outreach to Get Customer Support
  • Water Workforce: People of Color
  • Cybersecurity: Something for Everyone
  • Critical Water Workforce Issues
  • Regulations and Policy Development: What's on Your Mind?
  • Water Workforce: Women in Water
  • Funding: How to Find It
  • The Big Bang!
  • WEFTEC 2022 Wish List: What Do Participants Want to See Moving Forward?

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Learning Exchange Schedule

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