Water Reclamation and Reuse at WEFTEC

Water reuse is one of the three major aspects of resource recovery, along with energy and nutrients. Direct potable reuse has been a topic of discussion for 50 years, and is now becoming a reality as water shortages and sustainability are on the forefront around the globe. WEFTEC 2019 provides critical education that includes: big-picture water recycling planning, asset management for small reuse utilities, reclaimed water for water supply sustainability, and reuse technologies in the industrial sector, such as: upstream oil & gas, agriculture, and food & beverage processing.  

  • Realize water supply reliability improvements through water reclamation 
  • Explore the latest reuse technology advances, including: low-energy membranes, zero liquid discharge, advanced oxidation, and disc filtration 
  • Learn how to reclaim revenue from industrial reuse 
  • Apply asset management at small utilities to advance water reuse 
  • Find out why the time for direct potable reuse may be now 
  • Determine if decentralized water recycling successes can be achieved in your community