Residuals and Biosolids Management at WEFTEC

Biosolids: A Renewable Resource Too Valuable to Waste

Management of residuals and biosolids can account for as much as 50% of treatment costs at resource recovery facilities. However, these residuals also contain significant resources that provide incentives for beneficial reuse or revenues if reclaimed and sold. Unprecedented opportunities exist and are emerging for the organics, energy, and nutrients in biosolids. Focus topics include: biogas cleaning and utilization processes, phosphorus recovery, combined management of biosolids and other organic wastes, and new research findings on solids treatment processes, among others. 

  • Discover the energy potential from biosolids aimed at cost reduction and increased sustainability. 
  • Augment your understanding of biosolids as a resource and a building block for environmentally friendly, effective, and efficient utility management. 
  • Explore the many facets of stakeholder decisions in planning, implementing, and operating a co-digestion program. 
  • Join in the discussion of research findings, both historic and new, as a tool to communicate the safety of biosolids to the public. 
  • Network with biosolids experts from a broad network of focus areas, such as land application, resource recovery, biogas, and others. 
  • ...and more!