Last month, we asked you if you plan to join us in Chicago for WEFTEC 2021. We had a great response rate and wanted to share what you told us.

WEFTEC Matters to You

Of the roughly 17,400 of you who saw the survey request, more than 2,800 completed it. A 16% response rate gives us great confidence in what you told us.

It is also important to know who answered this survey. While WEFTEC has something for just about everyone in the water sector our three main audiences are

  • utility personnel who work on the front lines every day,
  • engineers and consultants who design the processes we rely on, and
  • equipment manufacturers and service providers who develop and deliver the trusted technologies and innovations.

These three groups together account for 84% of the responses:

  • 24% utility personnel
  • 32% manufacturers, distributers, or service providers
  • 28% consulting, contracting, and planning services workers.

The remaining 16% include educators, regulators, industrial facility personnel, and more.

Will We See You in Chicago?

The first question was the one we all want to answer.

With about 6.5 months to go before we gather in Chicago, more than half of you indicated that you will be attending. Another one-third said that you have not made your minds up yet. About 17% said that you will not attend WEFTEC.

survey - attending.png

What Excites You About WEFTEC In Person?

We also wanted to hear what you were looking forward to about attending in person this year. About 1200 of you provided us with answers and the overwhelming response was seeing each other. In fact, 22% of the responses included the word “network.”

Here are a few of our favorite responses:

  • Seeing new products and speaking with the people that know how the equipment is designed and how it works.
  • Connecting with my peers.
  • Seeing the friends and acquaintances I have made over the years.
  • Hang out with the smartest water people in the world.
  • Being around others that are equally excited about this amazing industry.

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