The WEFTEC Horizon Scan presents a global, forward-looking analysis on the future of the water sector validated with real-world data.

A diverse group of thought leaders came together to share their expert opinions and look ahead to what topics and trends are emerging next in the water sector. This compilation results in a holistic examination of the trends, research, and interest emerging within the water sector.

This 14-page report, published in collaboration with BlueTech Research (Cork, Ireland), is based on three sets of data. First, an expert panel of more than 40 Water Environment Federation technical committee members, task force chairs, officers, and researchers gathered for a forward-looking discussion. This discussion centered on topics conceived by BlueTech Research based on a scan of abstracts submitted to WEFTEC program. While centered on the offerings at WEFTEC, these trends extend far beyond the conference and capture the thinking of those engaged in creating the future of the water sector.

To validate these opinions, the trends are presented alongside an analysis of the 15 most-attended technical sessions at WEFTEC. WEFTEC attendees “voted with their feet” to seek out the same topics and trends that the expert panel identified. This alignment provides more confidence that the trend identified represent where the sector is headed.

Also included is the list of the top 20 technical sessions papers as chosen by BlueTech Research from the entire conference program. This list presents what BlueTech has identified as “the most impactful and interesting sessions which also map to the key technology themes we monitor.”

The report covers seven technology trends from the circular economy to data-driven decision making. These snapshots present as summary of current impressions on these technology trends and are intended to be a starting point for further discussion.

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