🎧 In this episode of the Words on Water podcast, Onder Caliskaner explains the process and purpose of carbon re-direction at water resource recovery facilities and the current trends in the sector. He also talks about the practice and benefits of cellulose recovery from wastewater.

Words on Water 800.jpgCaliskaner is founder of Caliskaner Water Technologies Inc. In this podcast (No. 158), he describes how re-directing carbon from secondary wastewater treatment into anaerobic digestion provides a double benefit. Not only does removing this material reduce the amount of oxygen needed for wastewater treatment, but digesting it also creates more biogas that can be used to generate more energy. He also explores how advanced nutrient removal, energy generation, and carbon re-direction interact with each other.

Caliskaner also talks about recovering cellulose from wastewater. Wastewater is rich in cellulose, in part, because of toilet paper. Processes and technologies exist to readily remove this material from the wastewater. Then it passes through several processing steps to be turning into a clean raw material that can be used as a component in producing such products as asphalt, biofuel, bioplastics, and insulation. While this practice is not widespread yet, he said, it is proven and some resulting products are on the market.

Caliskaner will be a speaker during the Ask the Experts session titled, Got Roughage? Emerging Technologies and Strategies for the Management and Recovery of Cellulose.

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