Over the summer, Water Environment Federation recognized 43 water utilities for their industry-leading approaches to partnership and engagement, watershed stewardship, and resource recovery.

As the latest recipients of WEF’s Utility of the Future Today (UOTF) program, these utilities bring the total number of honorees recognized since the program began in 2016 to 118.

A committee of industry experts representing WEF and partner organizations, including the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (Washington, D.C.), The Water Research Foundation (Alexandria, Va.), and the WateReuse Association (Alexandria, Va.) choose each annual batch of awardees based on applications received from around the world. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also serves in an advisory role.

The UOTF award comes with a responsibility to share practices and experiences, serving as examples to other utilities and working collectively toward a more sustainable, efficient, and trustworthy water sector.

“Each of the Utility of the Future Today honorees represent a transformational approach to utility management that results in a ripple effect of benefits,” said WEF Executive Director Eileen O’Neill. “We are delighted to celebrate their impact and proud to recognize their leadership in water sector innovation.”

The 2019 UOTF awardees will be formally recognized during a ceremony at WEFTEC 2019.

See all the winners below.

Be Recognized Next Year

Interested in joining the ranks of the world’s most innovative and forward-looking water utilities? Attend Technical Session 529: Why Become a Utility of the Future? for details about the program and next year’s submission process.

To qualify as a Utility of the Future, utilities must demonstrate that they have developed an organizational culture focused on responsible energy use, recovery of valuable wastewater byproducts, and engagement with their local communities.

First-time awardees:

Second-time awardees recognized for a new area of focus:

Third-time awardees recognized for a new area of focus

Fourth-time awardees recognized for a new area of focus

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