Have a clever fix to share? Draft up a few sentences, snap a picture, and enter to win by June 7, 2019.

The Operator Ingenuity Contest is back for 2019. This contest seeks to recognize the simple, everyday fixes that operators and other water professionals invent to make work easier and safer. Entries are judged on solution safety, resourcefulness, and transferability.

The competition is open to all clever ideas related to any aspect of the water sector from equipment maintenance to emergency response to process optimization to anything else associated with the water sector. All it takes to enter is:

  • a short description of the problem you faced and the fix you found
  • a few photos of your invention or improvement, and
  • the three answers (How transferable is it? How safe is it? Where did the materials and money come from?)

Deadline for entries is June 7, 2019.

Past winners have included painting buildings different colors to make deliveries easier; building a replica manhole, lateral, and cleanout cap to show customers how smoke inspections work; and a device to safely and easily lift the clarifier skimmer in the winter to prevent it from freezing to the grease box.

The Operator Ingenuity Contest page includes full entry details, a link to the entry form, and details on past winners.

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