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Management and policy professionals devise and deliver the strategies and tactics that form the backbone of community water services. Join leaders who leap over the pitfalls and set the benchmarks for future-proofing community resources

Public Health, Government, & Utility Management

Find your colleagues at WEFTEC, where policy meets practice. Focus on leading the way to maintain stringent regulatory compliance and ensure operational excellence in public health and utility management. Every day, you strike the critical balance between cost-effectiveness and public service while striving to communicate these choices and the work your team does to the public.

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You need to maintain and grow your professional qualifications. To help make it easier, WEF applies for pre-approval of continuing education credits for WEFTEC across North America and will work with individuals and Member Associations for additional state or agency approvals.

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Meet the solutions providers at the forefront of water technology. Witness firsthand the cutting-edge products and services driving the water sector forward.

Square footage in the 2024 WEFTEC Exhibition is outpacing the last time we were in New Orleans by 21%.

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With over 21,000 water professionals converging in New Orleans, you’ll find your professional home at WEFTEC.

Connect with the heart of the water community at WEFTEC. Engage in meaningful dialogue, exchange ideas, and build lasting relationships with peers, thought leaders, and innovators from across the globe.

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