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How Distinct Are You on the Trade Show Floor

CeirBlog, May 19, 2019


2018 Booth Design Awards

Exhibitor Magazinepublished by Exhibitor Media Group

Ten Innovative Trade Show booth Ideas

Slideshow - December 11, 2017, by Ian Zeleya on BizBash


Small Booth Successes

Exhibitor Magazinepublished by Exhibitor Media Group

"To prove that bigger isn't always better, EXHIBITOR found five successful small exhibits, each one of which has some kind of "it"-factor element that exponentially increased its show-floor presence. These baby booths also prove that you don't need a biggie-sized budget to score super-sized results. You just need a little space - and a big idea." 

How to Dominate any Tradeshow, and Why Even Solo Entrepeneurs Should Try 

The Blog of Tim Ferriss, 2013, by Ido Leffler of Yes To Carrots

"There is a certain expectation that your booth and your presentation will reflect the reality of your business’s size and market share.

This is an expectation that we chose to ignore. Our booth reflected the company we planned to be in a few years, not the company we were at that moment. So you don’t need the biggest booth or the biggest budget. But at the same time, you can’t simply follow the norm of having a plasma screen playing a generic video or hosting a random giveaway or competition."

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