Want to share your skill and knowledge on the newest water sector trends and technologies, global issues, and all aspects of the one-water universe right within a WEFTEC 2021 pavilion theater?

We are seeking presenters to share their expertise in one of the three theaters located in the WEFTEC exhibition. From October 18 to 20, the Innovation Pavilion, Global Center, and SDG 6 Theater in the Drinking Water Pavilion will present the latest in innovative programming that covers all aspects of water from all over the world.

These theaters are integrated as pavilions in the exhibition to provide valuable, timely education while having ready access to exhibitors featuring the latest innovations.

The SDG 6 Theater in the Drinking Water Pavilion

New for WEFTEC 2021, we are adding the SDG 6 Theater in the Drinking Water Pavilion!

This new spot within the exhibition will feature insights into all aspects of the one-water universe from drinking water to community capacity, water resources management, and circular economy.

This pavilion will hold 25-minute sessions centered around themes related to SDG 6 targets:

  • Safe Affordable Drinking Water (6.1)
  • Equitable Sanitation and Hygiene (6.2)
  • Water Reuse (6.3)
  • Water Efficiency (6.4)
  • Integrated Water Resource Management (6.5)
  • Source Water Protection (6.6)

Innovation Pavilion

This year the Innovation Pavilion celebrates its 10-year anniversary. Presented each year by WEF, BlueTech Research, and Imagine H2O, this pavilion has been the go-to destination for the most current and prominent water sector information.

True to its name, the Innovation Pavilion highlights the newest water sector trends, opportunities, technologies, and projects.

The pavilion will hold 25-minute sessions focused on this year’s themes, which are

  • Distributed Infrastructure and Decentralized Solutions,
  • Energizing the Innovation Environment,
  • Impact of Innovation Over the Last Decade, and
  • Intrapreneurship in Action.

Global Center

Every year at WEFTEC, the Global Center features content from more than 12 countries, 5 continents, and more than 20 international trade delegations. Presentations should include topics of global relevance and be educational and informative.

The typical length of Global Center panel discussions and presentations is about 60 minutes, which include 45 to 50 minutes of presentations and case studies and 10 to 15 minutes of question and answer. (Shorter presentations, about 30 minutes, also will be considered based on the nature of the topic.)

Ready to Apply?

To be considered for any of these speaking opportunities, send us your abstracts by June 15 at 9 a.m. ET (-4 UTC).

Abstracts should be a maximum of one page. Also include what format you have in mind; panels, flash talks, and “smackdown” formats are preferred.

More details on all of the pavilions and the calls for abstracts are listed in the downloadable WEFTEC 2021 Pavilion Call for Abstracts PDF.


Call for Abstracts

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