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Discover the Future of Sewer Infrastructure Management with Sewer3D™

Sewer AI 1.jpgSewer3D™, the cutting-edge software developed by SewerAI, introduces a groundbreaking approach to sewer infrastructure management through the power of 3D technology. By utilizing affordable 360 "Action Cameras," Sewer3D™ transforms manhole inspection videos into intricate, textured 3D models of sewer systems. This innovation allows for unparalleled measurement precision, geometry analysis, and seamless integration with CAD software for enhanced decision-making.

Unveiling the Technology Behind Sewer3D™

The core of Sewer3D™ lies in photogrammetry, a sophisticated mathematical method that translates digital pixels in inspection videos into precise 3D points. Within the rendered 3D models, users can swiftly assess sewer components, perform custom measurements with centimeter-level accuracy, and even generate unfolded 2D views for vertical measurements and structural analysis.


Experience Interactive Exploration within PIONEER

Sewer3D™ isn't just about static models. Seamlessly integrated with SewerAI's PIONEER inspection management cloud platform, users can interactively explore the 360 videos captured during inspections. Experience virtual pan and tilt functionality, immersing yourself in the sewer structure and gaining insights like never before.

Sewer AI 2.jpgUnleashing Transformative Advantages

The impact of Sewer3D™ reaches far beyond its technological marvel. This innovative solution revolutionizes sewer infrastructure management in several ways:

  • Affordability and Accessibility: Say goodbye to expensive legacy systems. Sewer3D™ employs consumer-level 360 "Action Cameras," drastically reducing costs for contractors and sewer utilities.
  • Efficiency: With a field inspection time of under 10 minutes per structure and parallel computing in PIONEER taking 15-45 minutes, the process is efficient and effective.
  • Versatility: Sewer3D™ caters to various applications, from new construction verification and NASSCO MACP Level II assessments to trenchless pipe lining calculations and precise material estimations for manhole rehab.

Embracing Tomorrow's Possibilities

The future of sewer infrastructure management is limitless with Sewer3D™:

  • Digital Twins: Explore high-level flow and hydraulic modeling for proactive deterioration scenario planning.
  • 3D Printing: Embark on the journey of additive manufacturing construction, offering new avenues for trenchless sewer rehabilitation.
  • Changing the Pipeline Inspection Game: Extend the boundaries by deploying cameras into horizontal pipelines, enabling comprehensive 3D modeling of entire sewer networks.

Sewer3D™ stands at the forefront of innovation, transforming the way we perceive, manage, and renew our sewer infrastructure. Be a part of this movement that is shaping our future with SewerAI's technologies.

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