We need your help to come up with the perfect name for a sustainable beer brewed by WEF’s Technical Program Manager Patrick Dube.

Last year, the Pure Water Brewing Alliance Beer Garden featured two of Dube’s brews along with several other beers made with recycled water. Last year, Dube crafted “What Hoppins @ WEFTEC” and “Of Kolsch It’s Reuse.”

Now, year he’s seeking suggestions for what to name his latest sustainable brew. The beer will be a blonde ale. He describes it as an “easy-drinking, approachable beer.” He added that he hopes it will be “a well-balanced and clean, refreshing pint.”

Make your suggestion in the form below!

Why Beer?

The hope is crafting reused water into something as exciting and relatable as beer will help promote conversations about water issues, water reuse, and sustainability.

This year will mark 6 years of the WEFTEC Sustainable Beer Smackdown and the second year for the Pure Water Brewing Alliance Beer Garden. In addition to samples of many sustainable beers, the garden also features the Clean Water Services Pure Water Wagon, a mobile treatment platform that transforms wastewater into cleaner-than-tap water.

The Pure Water Brewing Alliance itself was formed in 2017 and is a group of utilities, brewers, associations, and companies interested in the use of purified water for brewing beer and building public understanding of the water cycle, showcasing water treatment technology, and advancing water sustainability through water reuse.


On Monday, Sept. 23 at 11:30 a.m., you can learn more about the Pure Water Brewing Alliance and the World's Most Sustainable Beer in

Innovation Pavilion Session 3

Name That Beer

The submission period has closed. Thank you for your participation.

The winning name will be announced soon.

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