WEFTEC 2017 will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago from Sept. 30 - Oct. 4, 2017. 


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Exhibitor Service Manual

Display Guidelines

WEF Guidelines

New Orleans Morial Convention Center Building Guidelines


WEF License & Rules for WEFTEC Exhibitors

Exhibitors are required to review the License for Exhibit Space prior to signing the Space Reservation & Contract; the License terms are agreed to by the exhibitor upon signing the Exhibit Space Reservation & Contract.

WEFTEC 2017 License Agreement  

NOTICE: The License Agreement was updated December, 2016. The following sections were affected: Introduction, Use of Exhibit Space and Exhibit Activities, Interpretation and Enforcement. 

Updated sections are below with excerpted changes identified in italics. Download the license for the complete text in each section. Only the new text is provided below.


[...] The WEFTEC exhibition is an integral part of the educational offerings; products and services displayed must be related to the water quality industry and must be displayed in a manner that adheres to professional business standards and creates an ambiance appropriate for all participants at WEFTEC. Should WEF determine in its sole discretion that an exhibit violates the rules in this license, is inappropriate, or is not in the best interests of the conference, WEF may require that the exhibitor make changes to its display or dismantle its display and leave the exhibit hall.  

Use of Exhibit Space and Exhibit Activities 

Adequate Space  

All exhibitors must rent adequate space to accommodate their planned product display and shall arrange the displays so as to utilize only the booth area contracted for, to recognize the rights of other exhibitors and show visitors, and to conform to the overall pattern developed by the Show Management. No exhibit may interfere with the use of other exhibits, impede access to other exhibits, or impede the free use of the aisles between exhibits. 

Assigned Exhibition Space and Exhibitor Functions 

[...] No soliciting of attendees is permitted in the aisles or in other exhibitors' booths. 

Aisle space shall not be used for exhibit purposes, display signs, solicitation, or distribution of promotional material. Exhibits, signs and displays are also prohibited in any of the common public spaces on the premises of the meeting facilities or in the guest rooms, lobbies or hallways of the hotels. WEF also prohibits non-approved publications and/or advertising in any of the common public spaces on the premises of the meeting facilities or in the guest rooms, lobbies or hallways of the hotels. 

Exhibitor Personnel and Representatives  

Exhibit booths must be attended and maintained by at least one exhibitor or exhibitor representative at all times during show hours. All representatives of the exhibitor must be registered and receive a badge to be admitted to the exhibit hall and participate in the vendor’s booth. 


Presentations, Sound, and Entertainment  

Sound presentations, slides or movies will be permitted if tuned to conversational levels (in no event greater than 85 decibels) that do not interfere with other exhibitor activities. Exhibits also may not use lighting effects which interfere with other exhibits. 

Selling in the Exhibition

The on-site sale and/or delivery of goods is not permitted. Any violation of this requirement will result in the termination of the existing contract for exhibition space.

Interpretation and Enforcement 

[...] If in the sole determination of WEF an Exhibitor is in violation of this license or otherwise acting in a manner that is not in the best interests of WEF and the WEFTEC Exhibition, then upon notice from WEF, acting through the Exhibition Manager or her designee, the Exhibitor shall immediately cure the violation. If the Exhibitor fails to cure the violation, or if WEF determines that the violation constitutes a danger to others, the Exhibition Manager may immediately terminate the offending exhibitor’s license and thereupon the Exhibitor shall cease its operation at WEFTEC, immediately vacate its space and leave the Exhibition. Upon such termination of the Exhibitor’s license by the Exhibition Manager, the Exhibitor shall not receive any refund or credit for any expense, loss, or liability due to the action of the Exhibition Manager. Provided the Exhibition Manager shall have acted in good faith the Water Environment Federation shall have no liability to the Exhibitor for any expense, loss, or liability. [...]

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Show Colors 

Inline and Shared Island Booths are set with drape only. Carpet, furnishings, and utilities are not included, but booth flooring is required. Only the exhibit hall aisles are carpeted.
Main Hall
Carpeting - Aisles: Midnight Blue
Drape - Black 8' back drape; Black 3' side rails
View a rendering from the Freeman ColorSelector

Stormwater Pavilion
Carpeting - Aisles: Black
Drape - White 8' back drape; White 3' side rails
View a rendering from the Freeman ColorSelector

Color Selector
Visit ColorSelector by Freeman to customize the carpet and table drape for your specific booth choices.


Booth Display Guidelines and Rules

It is the exhibitor's responsibility to review the display guidelines and other relevant content in the service manual to ensure compliance with WEF's exhibiting rules, along with the center's requirements and local union information.

For further information, please contact Stefanie Walter, Senior Manager, Exhibition Operations at or +1-703-684-2414.

General Booth Rules 

  • Nothing may be stored behind booths. All packing containers, wrapping materials, carrying cases, etc., must be stored off the exhibit floor. All exhibits will be inspected to ensure compliance.  
  • Exhibitors displaying equipment, vehicles, etc. must follow the booth type line-of-sight rules: approved equipment in inline and corner spaces must be 5' back from the aisle; approved equipment in island booths must allow for a minimum of 2' from the aisle to absorb traffic.
  • All exhibit display elements, including opening doors, moving display parts, hanging signs, etc. must always be entirely within the confines of the cubic content of the booth space and may not overhang or rotate into the aisle at any time.
  • All booths are required to have carpeting or other appropriate floor covering the complete rented booth area, regardless of the installation of other equipment, including trucks or vehicles.
    • Stick-on flooring is prohibited.
    • Carpeting not provided by Freeman or an approved EAC requires Exhibitions Management approval
    • Exhibitors without flooring pre-approval, carpet, or carpet/labor orders as of 12:00 pm Sunday, October 1, 2017, will have carpet placed in their booth at their expense.
  • Exhibitors whose booths are set with pipe and drape (Standard/Corner/Inline and Shared Island types) are permitted to use the pipe only to hang items comparable to the existing drape such as similar drape or a banner:
    • Only S-hooks may be used to hang exhibitor materials from the pipe
    • The use of zip ties or any other hanging hardware is prohibited  
    • Items hung from the pipe as part of the exhibitor's display must be solely visible within the contracted exhibitor's space and may not interfere with any other exhibitor's contracted space
  • McCormick Place allows exhibitors to use helium-filled balloons. To prevent escape to the ceiling, helium‐filled balloons and similar objects must be secured. If balloons do escape to the ceiling, a removal fee will be charged--exhibitors are strictly responsible for any removal charges. Helium‐filled balloons or any other helium‐filled object may not be distributed. Mylar balloons are prohibited due to their effect on the fire detection systems.

Guidelines for WEFTEC Booth Types 


Click here for the IAEE Guidelines for WEFTEC Booths 

Inline Booths—Maximum Display Height is 8' 

Note: Inline Booths are also referred to as "Standard" or "Corner"  

  • The maximum height of 8' (2.44m) is allowed only in the rear 5' of the booth
  • The maximum height allowed in the front 5' of the booth is 4' (1.22m)
  • Only freestanding signage is permitted; no hanging signs or other materials requiring the use of ceiling rigging are approved
  • Display materials should be arranged in such a manner so as not to obstruct neighboring booths' line-of-sight
  • Graphics and signage must display forward to the aisle (perpendicular from neighboring booths)
Perimeter Booths—Maximum Display Height is 12' 
  • The maximum height of 12' (3.66m) is allowed only in the rear 5' of the booth
  • The maximum height allowed in the front 5' of the booth is 4' (1.22m)
  • Only freestanding signage is permitted; no hanging signs or other materials requiring the use of ceiling rigging are approved
  • Display materials should be arranged in such a manner so as not to obstruct neighboring booths' line-of-sight
  • Graphics and signage must display forward to the aisle (perpendicular from neighboring booths)
  • Click here for a list of Perimeter Booths 
Island Booths—Maximum Display Height is 18' 
  • The maximum height of 18' may be used through the entire booth space
  • The maximum height of 18' includes both freestanding display items and hanging signs at the top of the sign
  • Electrical/lighting truss or other support truss may be higher than the 18' maximum height, but may not exceed the booth's floor dimensions, may not display any logo or other design elements, and may not be solid or opaque
Shared Island Booths—Maximum Display Height is 18' 
  • Shared Islands will be set with 8' of drape between the two shared spaces
  • The maximum height of 18' may be used through the entire booth space
  • The maximum height of 18' includes both freestanding display items and hanging signs at the top of the sign
  • Graphics within a Shared Island booth must be set back 5' from the established shared drape line, whether or not the drape is installed, so that the combination of each 5' set back creates a 10' graphic offset between the booth
    • Hanging signs that are too large for their shared island spaces or too close to the drape will be moved or removed at the Exhibitor's expense 
  • Electrical/lighting truss or other support truss may be higher than the 18' maximum height, but may not exceed the booth's floor dimensions, and may not display any logo or other design elements
  • Click here for a list of Shared Island Booths

Equipment Exceeding Booth Height Limitations 

WEF Exhibitions Management will approve requests to display equipment exceeding booth height limits under the following conditions:

  • Exhibitor must receive approval from the Exhibitions Manager to display equipment exceeding booth height requirements. This request should be sent by August 25, 2017If there is a possibility this equipment will exceed the floor load, the floor load exception request must be received no later than July 21, 2017. 
  • Equipment exceeding the booth height must be in its standard commercial form, and not altered for exhibit display, or elevated with the use of display pedestals.
    • Equipment may be placed on display pedestals to be at eye level, but must remain within the height limit. 
  • Equipment exceeding the booth height cannot have any displayed logos above the booth height limit.
  • No additional logos, signage, etc., may be placed on top of or otherwise affixed above the height limit.
  • Equipment must meet all guidelines outlined by McCormick Place.

Request to display equipment exceeding booth height restrictions.

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Hanging Signs

Only Freeman is authorized to rig within the facility. Exhibitors requiring hanging of signs, lights, etc., must submit rigging plans to Freeman no later than July 28, 2017.

Hanging Signs and Graphics for Island Booths should be set back 10 feet from adjacent booths and be directly over contracted exhibit space only.

Hanging Signs and Graphics for Shared Island Booths should be set back 5 feet from the shared drape line. The maximum height for hanging a sign is 18 feet at the top of the sign. Inline/Corner/Standard booths may not hang signs.   

  • Overhead hanging signs are to be sent in separate containers directly to advance warehouse using the Hanging Sign Labels. This container MUST arrive by the warehouse shipping deadline. If these procedures are not followed‚ Freeman cannot guarantee the hanging of your sign or advance pricing.
  • All ceiling rigging must conform to Show Management rules and regulations and facility limitations.
  • All overhead hanging must be assembled, installed, and removed by Freeman. Please refer to the Freeman Terms and Conditions found in the Exhibitors Services Manual as it relates. Please complete the Labor Order Form for labor to assemble your hanging sign
  • Set up instructions must be provided for signs needing assembly.
  • Hanging anchor points must be pre-fabricated and ready for use.
  • Electrical signs must be in working order and in accordance with the National Electrical Code. Electrical Service requirements must be ordered in advance using the Electrical Service Order Form.
  • If any hang point supports are over 250 lbs., notify Freeman immediately for special authorization.

Height variances will not be issued. 

IAEE Regulations 

New Orleans Morial Convention Center (NOMCC) Exhibitor Policies 

Hanging Sign Labor & Order Forms 

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Sound in Booths

Public address systems are not permitted. The noise level from any demonstration or sound system should be kept to a minimum and should not interfere with others. Any speakers must be directed into the middle of the exhibitor’s booth space. The use of sound systems or equipment producing sound is an exception to the rule, not a right. The Water Environment Federation reserves the right to determine at what point sound constitutes interference with others and must be discontinued.

Exhibitors who wish to have live music for their exhibit must submit a Live Band request to WEF Exhibition Management by September 1, 2017.

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Booth Lighting   


Exhibitors should adhere to the following guidelines when determining booth lighting:

  • No lighting, fixtures or overhead lighting are allowed outside the boundaries of the exhibit space. 
  • Lighting including gobos should be directed to the inner confines of the booth space. Lighting cannot project onto other exhibits or show aisles.
  • Lighting which is potentially harmful, such as lasers or ultraviolet lighting, is prohibited.
  • Lighting that flashes, rotates, pulsates or has other specialized effects is prohibited.
  • Lighting simulating UV lights must be masked with smoked plexiglass or masked with drape so that the lights do not disturb neighboring exhibitors.

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Vehicle Displays


Vehicle displays must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All exhibitors wishing to display a vehicle must advise Exhibitions Management by August 26, 2016. 
  • All vehicles must move in by September 21, 2016.  
  • Any vehicle or other apparatus that has a fuel tank and is part of a display, is required to have a locked or taped gas cap.  
  • Fuel tanks should contain no more than 1/8 tank of fuel or 10 gallons, whichever is less. 
  • Battery cables must be disconnected once the vehicle is positioned 
  • Once the vehicle has been positioned, it cannot be moved until move‐out begins, without prior approval by the Fire Safety Manager or Designee. 
  • The engine cannot be operated during show hours. 
  • Refueling must be done off property. 

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Giveaways, Literature Distribution, Etc.

Exhibitors must confine their activities on the grounds of the exhibition facility to the space for which they have contracted; this includes the distribution of printed materials and the placement of signs and booth personnel. WEF policy prohibits functions being scheduled during WEF Exhibition hours, Monday September 26, 8:30am – 5:00pm through Wednesday September 28 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. WEF policy also prohibits product displays in hotel suites and locations other than the Exhibitor's rented space in the exhibit hall. 

Federal, state and local laws heavily regulate drawings, lotteries, and/or contests that have prize giveaways. The laws of each state and location vary widely. Each Exhibitor is solely responsible to ensure that all giveaways, contests, drawings, etc. conducted as part of its exhibit comply with all federal, state and local laws. The Exhibitor agrees that it is solely responsible and liable for any government action or legal claims, fees, penalties or charges brought relating to the exhibitors promotional giveaway activities.

WEF License Agreement  

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Selling in the Exhibition

The on-site sale and delivery of goods is not permitted.


WEF License Agreement 

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Photography Regulations

In general, photography and filming in the exhibit halls is prohibited. Exhibitors may take pictures strictly of their own booths, or of another exhibitor's booths only if they have received explicit permission to do so.

Any exhibitor taking photographs or videotape of another’s exhibit or product without permission may be required to relinquish the film or digital media upon request.

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Filming Regulations

Exhibitors wishing to film their own booth in the exhibit hall must follow media guidelines for filming. In addition, once media rights have been granted according to show policies, the following policies must be followed:
  • During show hours, hand-held camera crews may walk the floor*
  • Tripods are NOT allowed in any aisle or within ten (10) feet of the exit doorways
  • Tripods must be located completely inside booth areas
  • Carts, racks, or equipment CANNOT be stored or placed in any aisle
  • Tethered two (2)-person crews are NOT allowed to move in the aisle
  • During non-show hours, equipment such as tripods, carts, cabling, and/or racks may be used on the exhibit floors

* Note: Cameras may NOT be on while crews walk the floor, except by explicit permission by Show Management

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Advance Notice or Approval Required


The following displays or display situations require additional early notice by the exhibitor to Exhibition Operations Management and/or New Orleans Morial Convention Center.

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Age Restrictions

Children under the age of 18 are not allowed in the exhibit hall during move-in and move-out. 

During open show hours, children under the age of 18 are allowed in the exhibit hall. Children must obtain a badge from customer service and be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. The parent or guardian assumes all risks and responsibility for each child. Strollers are permitted in the exhibit hall.

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Exhibit Hall Security 

Security provided in the exhibit hall and public areas at WEFTEC is primarily to control access and to serve as an overall deterrent. Guards are not specifically contracted to watch over each exhibiting company's booths and goods. Neither WEF nor the security company are responsible for monitoring your belongings.

Exhibitors are advised to treat the exhibit hall as they would any large public area, and safeguard small valuables such as laptops, computer tablets, etc., and to be mindful of items like flash drives or memory cards and lead retrieval units. Whenever possible, small valuable items should be removed by the Exhibitor overnight for safekeeping.

Exhibitors are liable for all thefts, losses and claims related to their participation in the Exhibit and should obtain insurance and liability protection appropriate to their circumstances. If preferred or required, an exhibitor may hire a guard from the contracted security company to guard their booth and belongings. 

At any time during move-in, show days, or move-out, if you have a security incident, such as materials damage or loss, please contact the Exhibition Management Office, a Floor Manager, or the Security Office.

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Floor Weight Limits

The flooring of the exhibit halls is concrete slab with a maximum load capacity of 350 pounds per square foot. Some areas in Halls H-J have a maximum floor load of 500 pounds per square foot.  

If any equipment displayed in an exhibitor's booth exceeds the stated weight limits, the exhibitor must supply detailed plans of original equipment and weight load on all points, in accordance with the New Orleans Morial Convention Center requirements, as well as plans showing proposed method of weight redistribution. A licensed structural engineer must certify plans.

New Orleans Morial Convention Center (NOMCC) Regulations 

Plans for certification of equipment to meet floor load are due by June 24, 2016. 

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New Orleans Morial Convention Center Place Regulations for Exhibit Space Structure, Building Permit and Covered Areas

Multi-Level or Covered Exhibits  

Multi-level or covered exhibits requires that you submit detailed plans (Date: July 22, 2016). Plans must indicate if the exhibit is multi-story and/or enclosed with a ceiling. Certain booths may require Fire Watches, electrical, ventilation, fire extinguishers and multiple exits. Multi-level displays and or enclosed display designs should be sent to WEF Exhibitions Management for reviewExhibitors with booths that require fire watch personnel will be responsible for such personnel fees. 

Please note the following minimum requirements for single level covered exhibits or Multi-level exhibits as required by the City of New Orleans Fire Prevention Division.


  1. Plans shall indicate if exhibit is multi-level or is covered with a ceiling.
  2. No multi-level exhibit or exhibit covered with a ceiling shall be greater than 5,000 square feet unless it’s protected by an automatic sprinkler system as per NFPA 101.
  3. No multi-level exhibit shall be greater than two levels.
  4. All multi-level exhibits must have a UL approved battery powered smoke detector within the exhibit area on each level per 500 square feet that emits alarms audible outside the enclosed or covered area.
  5. All multi-level exhibits with closed sides must have electrical powered ventilation for 1st and 2nd level producing a minimum of 1200 cfms.
  6. All multi-level exhibits shall have 4A:10BC fire extinguishers as per NFPA 10 guidelines.
  7. All single level covered exhibits or multi-level exhibits which are not protected by an automatic sprinkler system shall, in addition to the previous stated requirements, also provide a NOFD Firewatch when the exhibits are greater than 600 square feet. (The number of firewatch personnel shall be determined by the New Orleans Fire Department for each show.)

In addition to the requirements enumerated above, all exhibits must adhere to NFPA101 Section 8-7.5.3 and all other applicable codes and standards relative to exhibits. 

New Orleans Morial Convention Center (NOMCC) Exhibitor Policies 

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Building Policies and Fire Regulations 

New Orleans Morial Convention Center is a smoke-free facility. The facility includes the parking garage, dock areas, and stairwells. Smoking is not allowed in any enclosed space, including exhibit halls, meeting rooms, food service areas, lobbies, restrooms, hallways and garage areas. Smoking stations are located outside of the facility.


  • No storage of any kind is permitted behind booths or near electrical service. 
  • All exit doors, exit signs, fire hose cabinets, fire extinguishers, standpipes or any other life safety equipment must be visible at all times. 
  • All materials used in exhibit construction, decoration or as a temporary cover must be certified as flame retardant. Additionally a fire retardant certificate must be posted or readily available within the exhibit. Materials which cannot be treated to meet the requirements may not be used. 
  • Booth construction and decoration materials must be fire retardant. It is suggested that a certificate of retardancy be available at the show to prevent the need for possible onsite testing of the material.
  • Aerosol cans used for display purposes MUST BE empty. Up to two aerosol cans may be used for demonstration purposes only.
  • Containers of flammable liquids and compressed gases are prohibited from display or use within the facility. 
  • Convention Center sewer lines or drains may not be used to dispose of hazardous waste. Prior arrangements must be made for disposal and provided to WEF Exhibition Management in writing.



New Orleans Morial Convention Center (NOMCC) Exhibitor Policies   

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Union Jurisdictions


Exhibitor Booth Set-Up / Dismantle Information  

The Louisiana Carpenters Regional Council has jurisdiction over the installation/dismantle, clean up, touch-up, repair and building of all exhibits. Exhibits can include structures, walls, towers, headers, floor covering, hanging of decorative material from the ceilings, overheard rigging, painting, and hanging of all types of signs. Their work also covers repairing of all animations and cleaning of the exhibit prior to the show opening.

An exhibitor is permitted to work with an union installer on a one-to-one basis provided he/she is a permanent employee of the exhibiting company. This rule does not cover casual workers or a worker from an agency (EAC) or union company. An exhibitor may install/dismantle their own display.

Exhibitors may hand-carry their own materials into the exhibit facility, provided it can be hand-carried by one person. The use or rental of dollies, flat trucks and other mechanical equipment is not permitted. Freeman will control access to the loading docks in order to provide for a safe and orderly move in/out.

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Americans with Disabilities Act

The New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center provides services ramps to entrances and elevated areas, an array of passenger elevators, restroom facilities for the disabled, brailed instructions/directions at strategic locations throughout the building, and ATMs that offer audio assistance for the visually impaired and meet height and reach requirements for the physically impaired. Assisted listening transmitters and receivers are available free of charge for meeting rooms. First aid stations, restaurants, retail outlets, and drinking fountains are wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs also are available upon request.

The New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center is ADA compliant

For Mobility Scooter rental, click here. 

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Food and Beverage


All food and beverages must be secured through New Orleans Morial Convention Center. Any sampling and giveaways pertaining to food and beverage must have written authorization from a catering representative. Food and beverages may not be brought in or delivered to New Orleans Morial Convention Center for consumption. 

Please note: WEF does not allow popcorn in the exhibit hall but has no other restrictions on food or beverages. 

Order Deadline: September 9, 2016   

Catering Menu 

Catering Order Form  

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