WEFTEC 2017 will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago from Sept. 30 - Oct. 4, 2017. 


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WEFTEC 2016 Continuing Education Credit Guide

NEW! Visit to access your personal 2016 Continuing Education Records.

Click Here to access WEFTEC 2015 Continuing Education documentation and information. 

Which states have pre-approved WEFTEC 2016 educational credits?

WEF applies for pre-approval for continuing education credits each year for WEFTEC in every state. We are currently working on this approval process and should have updated state approval information available on this page starting in June.

How does this pertain to me?

Recently there has been an increased focus on continuing education programs for licensed professionals. Educational events, such as WEFTEC, further your education, provide opportunities to get involved and gain knowledge of technical advances in your field, and in many cases are required in order for you to renew licenses or certifications.

How many educational credits can I earn at WEFTEC?

At WEFTEC you can earn up to 1.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) at workshops, 16.5 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) at technical sessions, and up to eight contact hours per day for time spent visiting the exhibition. Due to changes in the Technical Sessions schedule from year-to-year the total number of PDHs can vary slightly.

What do I need to know?

WEF calculates educational credits following a standardized method that is widely accepted by many certification and licensing agencies; however, many states differ in the types and/or numbers of credits they will approve for educational events. Because of this, participants are responsible for exploring their state requirements and for ensuring that WEFTEC credits are accepted. Please remember that WEF provides documentation to attendees; however, most states require the individual licensee to report continuing education credits.

How do I earn educational credits at WEFTEC?

In order to receive educational credits, you must scan your WEFTEC badge when you enter and exit a workshop, technical session, or the exhibit hall. Scanners for exhibit hall contact hours will be located at kiosks stationed throughout the exhibit halls. Please note: The hand scanners used by the convention center security personnel are for security purposes only and will not acknowledge time spent in the exhibit hall. Badges will be issued onsite through the registration or check in. If scanners are not present for a particular session, there will be a sign in sheet available. 

When will I receive credits for WEFTEC?

New! Certificates and transcripts will be made available to participants electronically within 8-10 weeks after WEFTEC. Please keep in mind that, although WEF does provide these files, most states will require the individual licensee to report continuing education credits.


WEF offers Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for full participation in workshops, which are held as full and half day sessions in a classroom setting conducted by industry-leading professionals. One CEU is the equivalent of 10 hours of training or formal instruction. These are distributed for structured, relevant professional training above and beyond that of initial certification or employment in a particular field.

CEU and PDH credits are available for Workshops. Please see the "State Credit Approval Information" section below under "General Information." 

Technical Sessions

WEF offers Professional Development Hours (PDHs) for participation in technical sessions. Because technical sessions cover diverse topics ranging from the fundamentals to research, there is something for every attendee. A PDH is typically defined as one hour that is spent engaged in an activity that contributes to the advancement or enhancement of professional skills or scientific knowledge of a professional engineer.

Exhibition, Pavilion Sessions, Mobile Sessions, and Facility Tours

Contact hours are given for time spent visiting the exhibition and participating in facility tours, pavilion sessions, and mobile sessions. The exhibition provides the opportunity to see the newest developments in water and wastewater technology and get firsthand demonstrations from the experts. A contact hour is defined as one hour spent engaged in an activity that contributes to the professional skills of the participant.

Important Details and General Information

PLEASE NOTE: Educational Credits will not be recorded and documentation will not be distributed unless the attendee is a confirmed registrant of WEFTEC 2016 and the specific session(s) attended (if additional registration is required), and badges are scanned as indicated in the directions provided above.

WEF follows International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) guidelines along with state-specific regulations to achieve strict policies and procedures regarding its Continuing Education Program. WEF calculates education credits following a standardized method that is the most widely accepted by certification and licensing agencies. However, many states differ in the type and/or number of credits they will approve for educational events. Because of this, participants are responsible for exploring their state requirements and for ensuring that WEFTEC credits are accepted. Some states have strict reporting policies that require additional attendee information that WEF may not have on file such as state license numbers.

State Credit Approval Information

WEF applies for approval in every state, and will be happy to work with individuals and Member Associations on additional state or agency approvals upon request. In addition, WEF has been approved as a Training Provider through the Florida Board of Professional Engineers, the New York State Department of Education and the Ohio EPA.

You may review each agencies approval letter and additional information using the links below:

New York State Education Department: Approval Letter - Website 

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency:  Approval Letter - Website 

Florida Board of Professional Engineers: Approval Letter - Website   

State Continuing Education Approval Listing: 

(Click on a state to view more details regarding that states approval of WEFTEC 2016) 

Alabama | Alaska | ArizonaArkansas | California | Colorado 
Connecticut | Delaware | Florida (DEP-WEA or FBPE) | Georgia | Hawaii
Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | IowaKansas | Kentucky | LouisianaMaine 
Maryland | Massachusetts | Michigan | MinnesotaMississippi | Missouri 
Montana | Nebraska | Nevada | New Hampshire | New Jersey 
New Mexico | New York (WEA) | North Carolina | North Dakota
Ohio | Oklahoma | OregonPennsylvania | Rhode Island  
South Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee | TexasUtah 
 Vermont | Virginia | Washington | West Virginia | Washington | Wisconsin 

State Credit Calculations:

Some state licensing boards will accept CEUs for session under 3 hours in length. Some use different acronyms for training credits. In most instances, the credits issued by WEF can be converted to meet state specific requirements that vary from the system used by WEF. This is usually managed at the state level using the following conversion method:

1.0 CEU = 10 Hours of session time
1.0 PDH = 1 Hour of session time
1.0 Contact Hour = 1 Hour of session time
For Example: 1.2 CEU Credits = 12.0 PDH Credits or 17.0 PDH Credits could equate to 1.7 CEU Credits Depending on individual state regulations

Service and Support:

In keeping with IACET guidelines, WEF maintains a database of all continuing education files for a minimum of 7 years. For more information regarding WEF’s Continuing Education Program, please visit You may also contact WEF’s Customer Service Team between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm EST, Monday through Friday to request CE documentation. Please call 1-800-666-0206 Or, submit an email request to 

Important Links:

Association of Boards of Certification -
New York State Education Department