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Abstract Requirements and Guidelines


Abstract Guidelines/Formatting Tips: 

  • New for 2015- there is a word count limit of 1100! The minimum word count is 250 words. This corresponds to a minimum of 1 page and a maximum of approximately-4.5 pages, double-spaced, in a Word document. Graphics and references/sources will not count towards the limit.     
  • Your references and sources will NOT count towards the limit as they will be entered in separately.  
  • Graphics/photos will need to be uploaded separately. For a quick tutorial on how to upload your graphics/photos, please click here.  
  • New for 2015- you will have to answer the following question in 75 words or less: What are the main purpose and conclusions of your work?  
  • You will type the title, authors and keywords into individual fields, separately from the body of the abstract. If you do not do this, they will count towards your limit in the word count.  
  • You must copy and paste the body of your abstract into the online system. 
  • Do not include any headers or footers in your document, as it won’t translate into the online system. 
  • The online system allows for some basic formatting (bold, underline, italics) but will automatically remove formatting such as line spacing, font type and size, and margins.  Formatting of this nature will NOT count against you in the review process.  
  • We recommend that you do not put your document in a PDF, as it won’t copy and paste correctly into the online system.  


Content Suggestions:  

  • Abstracts must clearly define the objectives, status, methodology, findings, and significance of the investigation or study.
  • Submissions on hot topics, regulatory issues, and new water or wastewater technologies are especially welcome.

General Requirements: 

  • There is no limit to the number of abstracts that may be submitted by an individual, company, organization, or institution.
  • Each abstract should be submitted one time only. Duplicate abstracts will be discounted.
  • Membership in WEF is not a requirement for submission and/or presentation.
  • All participants must register for WEFTEC 2015 and are responsible for their travel and lodging expenses and registration fees for the conference.
  • Registration will open in April 2015.


The official language of WEFTEC 2015 is English.

Final acceptance is contingent on receipt of a completed paper by July 2015. 

Sample Abstracts: 

Use these sample abstracts for content guidance. Please note that most formatting is stripped from abstracts upon entry into the online abstract submission system, so we have no recommended formatting guidelines other than what is listed above. 

Sample Successful WEFTEC General Abstract (PDF)

Sample Successful WEFTEC Research Abstract (PDF)

Sample Successful WEFTEC Technical Abstract (PDF)

Sample Successful WEFTEC Management Abstract (PDF)

Sample Successful WEFTEC Exhibitor Abstract I (PDF)

Sample Successful WEFTEC Exhibitor Abstract II (PDF)