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What People are Saying


The following comments were provided by participants in the WEFTEC 2012 Attendee Survey conducted by Exhibit Surveys, Inc.  


“Best exhibition; very diverse technical and policy program. Huge attendance and networking possibilities” 

“Best overview of what is facing our industry – from strategic directions to operational advances. Also with effort, you can meet almost anyone in the industry, in person.” 

“Between the exhibition, workshops, and technical sessions it is the most comprehensive water and wastewater show in the world…” 

“...A one stop shop for all projects and problem solving” 

“Discover new industry technology and rediscover tried and true products and technology.” 

“Everyone and everything you need to know is there” 

“Excellent opportunity to obtain state of the art information about technology, science, solutions, and regulations regarding the water environment.” 

“Getting the entire industry and its equipment in the same place for a week provides a range of unique opportunities” 

“Great opportunity to learn and interact with industry experts and leaders.” 

“Greatest water related show on earth!” 

“High-quality technical sessions, ability to  get business done with exhibitors/vendors, and great networking opportunity.” 

“I would tell someone that you cannot grasp the magnitude of the business until you have been to WEFTEC and seen all of the components that go into cleaning wastewater and drinking water.” 

“If it’s in water or wastewater, it will be there.” 

“If you are in the water business, WEFTEC provides ample exposure to all aspects of the water footprint.” 

“If you are in the water/wastewater industry, this is where you belong…this is your community.” 

“If you have to pick one show a year to attend then this would be the one.” 

“It is ‘The’ show for water and wastewater engineering.” 

“It is a conference where all the water and wastewater treatment players gather.” 

“It is the most informative conference I’ve ever attended. An incredible amount of technical information and resources.” 

“It is the place to be for water issues information. The information ranges from the cutting edge research, regulatory requirements both present and future to  the practical application through case studies.” 

“It’s the premier annual water event in North America. All of  the experts are there.” 

“It’s the whole deal. It has science, technology, hardware, experts  - the whole deal.” 

“It’s the who’s who of wastewater/water treatment show displaying new products and processes.” 

“Most of the industry is in one place for a week, so the opportunity to learn and network is tremendous.” 

“Premier water show in the USA” 

“WEFTEC is the largest water/wastewater show in the country. Show exhibits anything that you can imagine dealing with treatment of water and wastewater…” 

“The opportunity to gain knowledge from exhibitors and classes is unmatched. It is a great chance to bring the trustees and board members to get them on board with all of your future projects. They are there and they see the clients themselves. They can ask questions directly to the vendor and get a straight answer.” 

“Unequaled concentration of the information and key people relevant to the water quality industry.  

“Unlimited networking and educational opportunities.” 

“Water is water is water…WEFTEC covers it all…” 

“WEFTEC provides a wealth of knowledge that is unmatched and one would be doing themselves a disservice by not attending when the opportunity presents itself.” 

“WEFTEC is the best source of education and information for our industry.” 

“WEFTEC is the premier conference in the water industry world-wide.” 

“You get the best of both worlds both technical information and direct contact with the supplier.” 

“You can’t believe the scope of it until you personally experience it.” 

“You will find exactly what you need and meet the right people that can make your project happen.” 

“You will not believe how big the exhibition area is. Incredible opportunity to meet like professionals from all over the U.S.” 

“You will not find a better event that mixes the opportunity for viewing environmental equipment, technical sessions and networking.”