Unlike the deadly 1918 pandemic where symptoms appeared within hours and fatalities often occurred within a few days, COVID-19 is unusually stealthy. It is able to spread undetected for many weeks before symptomatic cases begin to show up at hospitals and by then it is too late for relatively inexpensive containment measures.

COVID-19's ability to wreak havoc physically, emotionally, and economically is in large part due to its stealth. Thi​​s key characteristic has sparked a strong and persistent wave of investigation in the field of virus detection, especially seeking any method of early detection capable of interrupting the spread before major damage is done.

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LaserFlow: Certified to MCERTS Class 2 by CSA

This Class 2 certification, issued by the CSA under the Sira Certification Service, certifies that the LaserFlow® Flowmeter is the only non-contact, area velocity, open-channel flowmeter capable of this superior performance. Unlike other non-contact, open-channel flowmeters that measure surface velocity, LaserFlow® Flowmeter measures fluid velocity with a laser beam directed at single or multiple points below the surface of the channel or stream providing a truer representation of the actual velocity profile.

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