WEFTEC 2017 will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago from Sept. 30 - Oct. 4, 2017. 


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The EPA Water Technology Innovation Blueprint Series

EPA and WEF are convening working sessions throughout WEFTEC to address key questions about how WEF and its members can foster water sustainability and provide input to support the EPA’s Water Technology Innovation Blueprint. This is an opportunity for WEFTEC attendees to have an early and ongoing input on these important topics.

EPA has identified 10 Market Opportunities. WEFTEC 2014 will feature a 30-minute discussion on each of the opportunities to gather information and provide input to EPA and the US Department of Energy, who will also be in attendance. There will be 10 sessions plus a capstone event. The discussions will begin with the three probing questions:

1. What do we need to do to achieve success in this Market Opportunity?
2. What are the barriers to innovation in this area and what do we need to
overcome them?
3. What has been successful so far?

You don't have to be in person to participate - Go online, text or tweet your ideas.   

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Monday, September 29 

1:00-1:30 pm Session 233

(Innovation Pavilion Booth 4029) 

Conserving and Recovering Energy

Ed McCormick, WEF President-Elect  

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1:30-2:00 pm Session 234  

(Innovation Pavilion Booth 4029)

Recovering Nutrients 

Chris Hornback, NACWA

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2:00-2:30 pm Session 235

(Innovation Pavilion Booth 4029)

Conserving and Eventually Reusing Water 

Melissa Meeker, WateReuse Assoc.

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3:00-3:30 pm Session 241

(Room 344)

Improving Access to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation 

Jennifer Walsh, AECOM 

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3:00-3:30 pm Session 204

(Room 254)

 Reducing Water Impacts From Energy Production 

Lucy Pugh, AECOM



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Tuesday, September 30 

10:00-10:30 am Session 336

(Room 356)

Improving Performance of Small Drinking Water Systems 

Cynthia Lane, AWWA

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1:30-2:00 pm Session 439

(Innovation Pavilion Booth 4029)

Reducing Costs and Improving Techniques for Water Monitoring 

Robert Smith, YSI and Kevin Patel, Signature Automation (ISA) 

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3:00-3:30 pm Session 451 

(Room 253)

Improving Resiliency of Water Infrastructure to the Impacts of Climate Change 

Claudio Ternieden, WEF 

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Wednesday, October 1


10:30-11:00 am Session 537  

(Stormwater Pavilion Booth 8303)

 Improving and Greening of Water Infrastructure 

Juli-Beth Hinds, Birchline Planning (Stormwater Congress Chair)

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11:30 am -12:00 noon Session 529

(Room 344)

Improving Water Quality of Our Oceans, Estuaries and Watersheds 

Matt Rookard, GNO, Inc.

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1:30-3:00 pm Session 620 

 (Innovation Pavilion Booth 4029) 

Sustainability and the Utility of the Future - Pulling It All Together 

Lynn Broaddus, The Johnson Foundation

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